Flowers in Italy

Italians love flowers and they are everywhere especially in the springtime. San Remo is known as the City of Flowers and even has a famous festival to celebrate flowers.

Primavera statue in San Remo

My favorites are the flower boxes with the brilliant colorful blooms.

Flower box in Italy

Bougainvillea in Capri on the Amalfi Coast

More bougainvillea in Capri

Flowers on steps in Apricale

Springtime flowers in bloom in Italy

Azaleas on the Spanish Steps in Rome

Flowers at Campo d' Fiori

Cactus in bloom in Italy

Flowers on the staircase in Caltagirone, Sicily

Outside a flower shop in Italy

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About margieinitaly

The first time I traveled to Italy I fell in love with it. I started this blog when I was preparing to go to Italy for the third time. It seemed like I could never get enough of this beautiful place.I thought after that I wouldn't feel the need to return, but in less than a year I made my 4th trip to this beautiful country of my grandparents. I have just returned from a wonderful trip there and I know that I will be back sometime in the future. I feel at home there! I am a second-generation Italian-American with a passion for travel, and a particular love of Italy. I am a freelance writer and photographer, and write for La Gazzetta Italiana as well as several websites. I recently published a photo book from the first of three months in Italy, and have just completed writing my first book, "Memoirs of a Solo Traveler - My Love Affair with Italy," which is based on this blog and my solo travel adventure to Italy.
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One Response to Flowers in Italy

  1. imarancher says:

    Flowers are just such a glorious confirmation of God’s care and concern for us. It is hard to be depressed when watching an orchid bloom or even a simple periwinkle. I was surprised to see so many flowers that I categorize as subtropical. And yet they have blooming Azaleas which do not bloom in Miami, too hot. It is not a surprise to find that the Italians are so style concious, they have a lot of natural beauty to compete with for attention!

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