Leaving for Italia!

Well, the day has finally arrived. I am packed and ready to go to the airport and tomorrow at this time I will be in bellissima Venezia! Io sono molto entusiastica! I am so excited! I thought I was traveling light by taking one medium bag but it still weighs almost 50 pounds.  I will have to drastically reduce some of the weight for flying within Italy as the limits are less. Vediamo. We’ll see.

I am excited and also a little nervous, mostly because of the weather. Rain is expected and I am hoping for no delays or I may not make the connection in Atlanta, due to Delta adjusting the flight time. Well this is the start of an adventure, and I am quite sure that in the next three months, my life will change. I know I will miss my family but thanks to Skype and Face Time and e-mail, it is all good. I am also quite sure that not everything will go smoothly but this is life and I am ready for it. I realize that I am fortunate to be going on this kind of trip and that I am truly living the dream.

Look for postings and photos soon from Italia!


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3 Responses to Leaving for Italia!

  1. Bonnie D says:



  2. Lori Samarin says:

    “Be’ carissima Margie, questo giorno tanto anticipato e’ finalmente qui’!!” Well dearest Margie, this most anticipated day is finally here!! —–It has been a sheer pleasure on my part to be able to instruct you in learning the Italian language: each week, during our many lessons, phone practice, and e-mails, I have admired your amazing dedication, warmth, tenacity, all in the name of your love for our beautiful Italia! Your passion for this beloved country we both adore has touched me deeply. I will remember fondly the days we laughed, and also shared tears of emotion and love for this beautiful and majestic land of our ancestors. You have been a most exceptional student: never have I had a student with so much heart and aspirations as you my friend. Now go, and fly onto the azure skies that will take you back to “la dolce Italia dei tuoi sogni” the sweet Italy of your dreams. I will be following you closely in my thoughts and prayers. May all your dreams come true!


  3. Donna Musser says:

    Have a fabulous trip. I’ll pray for all connections to be met and a safe journey. Can’t wait for your next post!



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