Caltagirone in Sicily-A Photo Montage

Since I have been back home I have stayed busy writing travel articles on different places I visited in Italy, and it makes me feel as though I am there again!

Caltagirone will always be one of my most memorable places in Italy because of the beautiful ceramics made there. That was the one thing I wanted to buy in Italy and I was not disappointed! I love that the entire town has ceramics everywhere.

Here are a few photos I just edited from Caltagirone, the Sicilian city of ceramics.










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2 Responses to Caltagirone in Sicily-A Photo Montage

  1. Bonnie D. says:

    I am sure you know that Italy changed you but did you ever think that perhaps you changed Italy? Every footstep on the cobblestones, every trinket brought home. Even the pictures you took of locals that made them smile, even for just a moment. You made them special when you went to out of the way places and coped with the same frustrations they face with the trains and lifts. And you did it in basic Italian. What a treat for US to have sent abroad a “not” ugly American but one who wanted the total experience and was willing to learn the language to do so. Our Ambassador to Italy from the people of the US. You’re the best.

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