Levanto Hosts World Surfing Championships

Levanto beach

When I visited the Cinque Terre in May with my brother Rick and my sister-in-law Monica, we stayed at Levanto and used it as a base while touring the Cinque Terre. We loved the town because of its family atmosphere.

While we were there we discovered that Levanto has one of the best beaches, not only for swimming but also for surfing. The beach is sandy and long and a great place to catch a sunset. This particular area is a favorite of surfers because the waves are some of the biggest in Italy and the water is clean.

Levanto surfers

Beginning tomorrow Levanto will host the ASP World Longboard Championship and the surfing contest will run through November 20. It will be webcast LIVE and highlights can be seen at www.bearpro2011.com

Levanto, Italy beach

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3 Responses to Levanto Hosts World Surfing Championships

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I have not seen much surf along this coast. I grew up at the Gold Coast in Australia and grew up surfing. This would be fun to watch.


  2. imarancher says:

    From your printed words during your beach days in Italy I could tell this was a lovely site. Didn’t even need a picture to see it. I didn’t realize the waves were surfing worthy. I grew up a stone’s throw from Miami’s many different beaches and the sea still calls to me from time to time.


  3. 360g says:

    …and the bay and the surrounding cliffs protect the waves from wind. I love surfing here.


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