Cruise Ship Disaster in Italy

I just read the news about the terrible disaster in Italy where the Costa Concordia ran aground off the Tuscany coast and half the ship was submerged in a very short time. As of now three people have died and 40 are still missing.

It sounds like a nightmare for the passengers as you just don’t hear of these things happening today. The ship left the port of Civitavecchia near Rome for a Mediterranean cruise. That is the same port where I will be departing in a few months for a Mediterranean cruise on the Norwegian Epic. I am not one to worry but it does give one pause.

The Italian authorities are investigating and some good news came out that a couple was found alive on the ship 24 hours after the incident. Hopefully there may be more stories like that. I will be paying attention to the news stories regarding this tragedy.

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2 Responses to Cruise Ship Disaster in Italy

  1. George Miklas says:

    Margie, A close and dear friend from college is the Music Director on the Infinity by Celebrity Cruise Lines. I worry for him, but he does not worry as these tragic accidents are far and few between. For the most part, doesn’t the industry have a pretty good safety record?


  2. Bonnie D. says:

    Two of the survivors were a newly wed couple from our area of the world. There are several among the still missing. Due to the popularity of cruising this has become a world wide disaster with victims from many nations. The captain is in jail. A tragic end to an otherwise successful career. When you have others’ lives in your hands you cannot rest on your laurels. You must be ever vigilant.


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