Travel in Italy – Rome’s Coolest Neighborhood – Trastevere

Wednesday May 9


I got up early and was out walking before 9am. I walked to my favorite neighborhood in Rome, Trastevere, looking for Bar Quadrani, my favorite place for a cappuccino and dolci in the morning.


Well I walked for over an hour and could not find it and was frustrated. After asking about five people I backtracked and found it but I had passed by it since the front appearance is different now. They had put up a translucent wall around the outdoor seating and the sign was gone from the sidewalk.


I was so happy to find it though and ordered a cappuccino and this wonderful apple flaky pastry warmed up. Mmmm, it was worth it. Anyway I could use the exercise so all in all I walked about four miles back and forth.

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1 Response to Travel in Italy – Rome’s Coolest Neighborhood – Trastevere

  1. imarancher says:

    Cappucinno and pastry? Worth four miles I would think! lol


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