New Fiat Commercial “Immigrants” and Amalfi Coast

I absolutely love this new commercial from Fiat!

As you can probably tell this commercial was most definitely filmed on the Amalfi Coast, particularly in Maiori, where I have stayed and also the towns of Positano, Atrani, Maiori, Minori and Furore and Amalfi. Compare the pics!

Twenty-eight seconds into the video you can easily recognize the town of Amalfi with the blue buses lined up near the dock.


Thirty-six seconds into the video you can see the harbor at Maiori.

Maiori on the Amalfi Coast

Harbor in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast

And of course the NYC city scenes go without saying. To read more about the making of this commercial click here.

Fiat comes up with some interesting commercials. The other favorite of mine is the one they unveiled during the Super Bowl. It’s titled “Seduction.” If you haven’t seen it, enjoy.

About Margie Miklas

An award-winning author, Margie Miklas writes medical thrillers and travel memoirs about Italy, a place which has captured her passion for travel. She is also the creator and owner of the travel blog, Margie in Italy, and a contributing writer for an Italian-American newspaper. A retired critical-care nurse, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her three cats. Her favorite place is the beach, and she likes learning new computer skills, when she is not writing. A member of the Florida Writers Association, Margie makes her home in Florida.
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12 Responses to New Fiat Commercial “Immigrants” and Amalfi Coast

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    We have a baby blue Fiat and we love it.


  2. Beautiful shots, Margie; I’ve always wanted to visit the Amalfi coast.


  3. I think Maiori would be a good place to be based for exploring the Amalfi Coast rather than staying at the larger towns, is it easy to get to?


    • Yes there are buses from Salerno as well as from Amalfi. There also are ferries from Amalfi. I spent five days in Maiori and it was a great place to relax and use as a base for sightseeing on the Amalfi Coast.


    • Anonymous says:

      It’s easier to stay in Sorrento. More boats transfer to different parts on Amalfi Coast. Also to Capri, Naples, and Ischia.


      • I agree with you. it really is a great location to sue as a base. The first time I went to Italy I stayed there for 3 nights and from there went to Pompeii,Positano, Amalfi and other places. I am writing a post on Sorrento now as a matter of fact. Thanks for your input and stay tuned!


      • Hi Renee

        When we rented the car in Palermo the insurance was mandatory and it covered theft and liability. I am not sure about collision but I though it covered it. I would suggest contacting your own insurance provider to see what they cover for you while driving in Italy. I am not sure what this extended reimbursement is.
        Have a fantastic trip!


      • twoblackdoggies says:

        True, we used Sorrento as a base last time and it was great but I like the smaller towns and it would be great to stay somewhere different.


  4. Joe says:

    I could not believe when I saw the commercial in Amalfi. I was there right before they shot the commercial. I go to Amalfi 2x a year and going back in September.


  5. Just saw this post. I actually sat at my favorite beachside restaurant in Praiano, watching them film this for an entire evening. That white car was just a shell. LoL


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