Italy Travel – Photos from Portofino


I love Portofino and had the chance to spend a day there a few years ago when I was on a Mediterranean cruise. It is one of the places where I would definitely hope to visit again.

Portofino castle

Portofino harbor

The harbor looks like a postcard, and it is very relaxing there. The town is so small that it doesn’t take much to see most of it.

A short walk uphill provides awesome views of the rugged Ligurian coastline.

Off the coast of Portofino

View from Portofino

Portofino draws celebrities from all over, although when I was there I did not see any. Even Napoleon used to come here to enjoy the beauty of this Italian seaside resort town.

On the streets of Portofino

Portofino church tower

Portofino harbor

Even the beautiful towns in Italy have laundry hanging outside. Somehow though, the visual is very charming.

Clotheslines in Portofino

About Margie Miklas

An award-winning author, Margie Miklas writes medical thrillers and travel memoirs about Italy, a place which has captured her passion for travel. She is also the creator and owner of the travel blog, Margie in Italy, and a contributing writer for an Italian-American newspaper. A retired critical-care nurse, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her three cats. Her favorite place is the beach, and she likes learning new computer skills, when she is not writing. A member of the Florida Writers Association, Margie makes her home in Florida.
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11 Responses to Italy Travel – Photos from Portofino

  1. LOVE this, Margie. The harbor shot is to “die for.” But even more, I love the warped curved trees on the hillside of the Castle view. It is what I remember most clearly about the coastline of Italy – beautiful, strong, and capable of great resilience. 🙂


  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful little town.


  3. aFrankAngle says:

    A beautiful place for sure. Here’s an oddity – look at what I posted today!


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  5. imarancher says:

    Tried to leave a comment on the comment page, no dice. Did get on the comment page though and that is a step in the right direction as I could access pictures. I enjoyed Portofino through your eyes and especially the architecture. Italy is suffering hard times but the people and their architecture remain beautiful and leave a beautiful impression behind.

    On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 5:41 PM, margieinitaly wrote:

    > ** > margieinitaly posted: ” Portofino I love Portofino and > had the chance to spend a day there a few years ago when I was on a > Mediterranean cruise. It is one of the places where I would definitely hope > to v”


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  7. Debra Kolkka says:

    I love Portofino and it is just a couple of hours from Bagni di Lucca so we go fairly often.


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