Italy Photo Contest – Win an Autographed Copy of my New Book

Let’s have a little fun with photography and Italy. I am going to post some photos that I shot in Italy and I wonder who will know the locations of the photos. Please leave your comments listing the photo numbers and name of city, town or area in Italy where you think the photo was taken. You have to be specific; in other words, saying Sicily is not enough. You must give the name of the town. Whoever has the most correct answers will win an autographed copy of my book, Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy. In case of a tie, I will post another photo to be used as a tie-breaker.

I will tally the answers three days from now, so on October 15 I will post the winners and contact you for mailing addresses. Good luck, or in Italian, “buona fortuna.”

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Photo #9

Photo #10

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7 Responses to Italy Photo Contest – Win an Autographed Copy of my New Book

  1. lahgitana says:

    I’m really looking forward to the answers! For now, I want to swim in the waters of #5!


  2. OK…here are my guesses:
    #1 – Rome
    #2 – Lecce
    #3 – I think it’s in Sicily so I’ll say Taormina
    #4 – Vatican City, Rome
    #5 – Vernazza, Cinque Terre
    #6 – Varenna
    #7 – Ravello
    #8 – Portofino
    #9 – Orvieto
    #10 – Verona


  3. Anonymous says:

    Can!t guess but I love the photos, Andrea


  4. Tamela says:

    #1 Parthenon-Roma
    #2 Lecce amphitheatre
    #3 San Remo
    #4 Florence
    #5 Cinque Terre- Vernazza
    #6 Varenna
    #7 …
    #10 Verona


  5. My guesses 🙂
    #1 Rome’s Pantheon
    #2 Lecce
    #3 Bergamo
    #4 Palazzo, Vatican City
    #5 Vernazza’s castle tower, Cinque Terre
    #6 Varenna, Lake Como
    #7 Ravello
    #8 Volterra
    #9 Piazza Duomo, Orvieto
    #10 Verona


  6. Andrea Lewis says:

    Margie, these photographs are breathtaking. I’m completely drawn in. I like photo #3/6. No guesses as to where they are though.


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