Golden Day Eighty-One: Portofino with Margie Miklas

Thank you to Susan Van Allen for offering me this opportunity to write about one of my favorite places in Italy!

Golden Days in Italy

There’s a new book on my reading list: Memoirs of a Solo Traveler – My Love Affair with Italy, by Margie Miklas. Margie is an Italian-American writer, photographer, and critical care nurse, based in Florida. Her memoir recounts her dream-come-true-3-month trip to Italy, where she visited 50 towns, from Val d’Aosta to Sicily, and also searched out her grandparent’s village, meeting long lost cousins. Brava Margie!

I also recommend checking out this Italofile’s blog, Margieintaly, which features a mix of up to date Italy info and her beautiful photos, some of which she’s turned into notecards and sells in her Etsy shop.

I’m so grateful she’s joined in to share with us a Golden Day in Portofino…

Portofino is small, a half moon shaped harbor, filled with million dollar yachts, and  just under 500 permanent residents. My favorite activity is to explore this beautiful place on foot and…

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1 Response to Golden Day Eighty-One: Portofino with Margie Miklas

  1. imarancher says:

    I found some pizzelles at the SweetBay today and they go well with my cinnamon coffee. I am so in the mood for more Italian scenes and scenarios.


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