Mt Etna Active Again

Mt Etna has been erupting again and Saturday night its lava flow was spectacular.  The video  in this article from Wired Magazine  is amazing. The photography is awesome and the explanations putting it into perspective are also  truly remarkable.  Enjoy.

Stunning Lava Fountains From Italy’s Etna | Wired Science |

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4 Responses to Mt Etna Active Again

  1. imarancher says:

    I can remember in my youth learning about the earth’s crust and the tremendous well of potential magma beneath our feet. It worried me then and it worries me now. I do not know how people live near Etna or in the Hawaiian Isles or anywhere else where you can’t pretend that volcanoes don’t exist. That is how I cope with everything I don’t like, I just pretend it doesn’t exist! Yes, escapism works for me but it wouldn’t if I was close enough to Etna to see these lava flows and explosions going on. The Italians are tougher than me for sure.


  2. A little scary, Margie – I remember visiting Pompeii and the destruction from Vesuvius. We may have bad winter weather here but no volcanos 🙂


  3. In response to both comments I agree – we have hurricanes in Florida but I would not want to leave so close to such an active volcano with a history of devastating consequences. The video was beautiful though.


  4. Etna. She’s always percolating. Nice video of the exploding red-hot lava. Great place to visit, but I would not want to be living around her slopes.


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