Hiking the Path of the Gods

Photo by Ken Mayer https://www.flickr.com/photos/ken_mayer/14571448937/in/album-72157645914495516/Photo by Ken Mayer (Flickr)

“Sheer beauty prevails as the steep rocky cliffs of the Amalfi Coast meet the undulating waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Tiered colorful towns appear which were once simple fishing villages. The Amalfi Coast is tranquility and allure without limitations.”
(Excerpt from Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.)

I am not a hiker. Anyone who has read my tales of hiking up inclines and trails in Italy knows this. If you don,’t then check out my experience in the Cinque Terre.

That said, I am fascinated by panoramic vistas and am interested in the Path of the Gods, a trail high above the Amalfi Coast. Also known as Il Sentiero degli Dei, this footpath provides magnificent views from high above the Amalfi Coast. Since I haven’t been there yet, I’m including a link to a post I enjoyed on The Overseas Escape, which captures the views in wonderful photos. From everything I have read about it, I am inclined to add the adventure to my agenda the next time I travel to the the Amalfi Coast.

After watching their video, I am more intrigued than ever, although I would be walking, definitely not running. I am wondering how challenging this hike would be. Since I have been embracing a healthier lifestyle, at least I can say that am in much better shape, fitness-wise than when I hiked the Cinque Terre trail, but still, this makes me wonder.

Have any of you walked the Path of the Gods? I am really interested in your perspective as far as its level of difficulty. I am looking into starting in Bomerano, and following the trail to Nocelle,  a small village high above Positano. At the end I understand you can opt to take a bus back to Positano or walk down 1500 steps. (Yes you read that correctly – 1500.)

Photo by Ken Mayer https://www.flickr.com/photos/ken_mayer/14571448937/in/album-72157645914495516/Photo by Ken Mayer (Flickr)

“Is this the view that from on high along the Path of the Gods, opens to our sight: it is the picture of the great loop of the Amalfi coastline that looks towards the west, towards the Island of Capri, that precipitous coast, steamy, hot, with the crystalline mountains where the gods of today are forsaken and you find a lost self again. Mediterranean, before you.”   — D.H. Lawrence

So what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.

If any of you have done this walk please let me know what your experience was and any recommendations.


Grazie and ciao


About Margie Miklas

An award-winning author, Margie Miklas writes medical thrillers and travel memoirs about Italy, a place which has captured her passion for travel. She is also the creator and owner of the travel blog, Margie in Italy, and a contributing writer for an Italian-American newspaper. A retired critical-care nurse, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her three cats. Her favorite place is the beach, and she likes learning new computer skills, when she is not writing. A member of the Florida Writers Association, Margie makes her home in Florida.
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17 Responses to Hiking the Path of the Gods

  1. Debra Kolkka says:

    I don’t like uphill climbs. I’ll leave that one for you.

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  2. Paula says:

    We walked the Path of the Gods from Nocelle to just past Praiano and back again. It is not really a path but more of a donkey trail. There are many very rocky inclines and steps so you have to have strong legs and have a certain level of fitness. You can take it as slow as you like though but remember that there are very few exists once you are up there. We could have gne down the steps at Praiano and taken the bus back to Positano but chose to turn around and walk back instead. I am fit and healthy and powerwalk everyday and that was enough for me. The views are spectacular and the whole experience was wonderful. We stayed up at Monterpertuso and walked up and down those steps to Positano everyday and they are very steep! However if you want to (over) indulge in pasta, vino, gelati, etc. it is necessary! 😂

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    • Thank you Paula. I really appreciate feedback from someone who has done it. I think I will be doing a shorter version, from Bomerano (Agerola) to Nocelle, and definitely not a round trip! I know how it is just to do the steps in Positano so I know this is much more strenuous. Thanks so much!


  3. imarancher says:

    You can do this Margie. Get out the treadmill and start walking. Also do carry sturdy gloves. The little walking I do in the hills around here require me to use my hands to climb some of the steeper parts. Gloves protect more than just manicures! Also, If I was going to try it then I would end up at one of the exits and use the bus back. As far as I am concerned, down is far harder than up.

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  4. Margie, I really hope you do this! Ive been toying with the idea of walking the Franciscan trail from Assisi past Perugia for years. So cool….!! The video is totally inspiring.

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  5. Tony says:

    Looks absolutely incredible and not quite as difficult as the Grand Canyon!

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  6. Leisa Peck says:

    Very nice!

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  7. hjkhiking says:

    Lovely post and photos. I’ve also started blogging my hikes in Hong Kong recently, it’ll be great if you can check it out 🙂 http://www.hjkhiking.wordpress.com


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