I have always enjoyed traveling and photography, never missing an opportunity to do either. Some of my photographs have  won awards during the years in which I was participating in local arts and crafts festivals with framed photos for sale.

A few have been featured in calendars, and   quite a few of them have been accepted by Panoramio. They appear on GOOGLE MAPS AND GOOGLE EARTH.  A dream for over 10 years, I recently published my first  photo book, Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

Now I enjoy creating these note cards from my photos and hope that you will like them as well. These are a sampling of the cards  which are featured in my Etsy shop titled CARDZBYMARGIEEEE.


  1. Beautiful, how can anybody not love Italy!


  2. Take me with you!! Your trip sounds splendid!! I am in Fort Lauderdale.


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