MY BOOKS – Books by Margie Miklas

This site is no longer current. Please go to Margie in Italy for my up-to-date posts about my travels in Italy and all things Italian.  Grazie.

Memoirs of a Solo Traveler
My Love Affair with Italy

Winner of the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award
by the Florida Writers Association

Memoirs of a Solo Traveler- My Love Affair with ItalyAvailable on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Click on book to purchase.

My Love Affair with Sicily

My Love Affair from Sicily Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. Click on book to purchase.

Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast

Colors of Naples and the Amalfi Coast by Margie Miklas

Available on Amazon in hardback  $24.99


6 Responses to MY BOOKS – Books by Margie Miklas

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  2. stef7sa says:

    Hi Margie, great to find another Italy lover here! I am a Dutch expat, living south of Milan since 2008. The Oltrepo Pavese wine region, ever heard of it? I am about to publish the English translation of my book with funny stories about my life in Italy. Would you be interested in a prelaunch e-version? A sneak preview is available at
    Ciao, a presto,

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    • I apologize not getting back with you until now but I had been in Italy. I would love a copy but I am so swamped right now but I have to decline thank you so much for keeping me in mind though and best wishes with it


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  4. KATIA TAAM says:

    Hi Margie
    My husband and I are retired and we decided to travel in a diferent way. 90days at a time, in a difetent place, as you have been doing…We have stayed in Lyon twice, in Palermo(loved, loved, loved) last year and now we are heading to Montral. We are in love with Italy and want to have more 90 days in some nice city… We will do this next april/may/june. We though about Bari, about Perugia and know we are flerting with Bologna. We don´t want any too crowded and tourisc city as Rome or Florence. We intend to do another italian course, go to the gym, do some tourism aroud in weekends and especialy do friends and come to know the city and the way life goes by there.
    Can you give us some advice


    • Thanks so much for following me. Katia…You and your husband sound like you have had some memorable trips. I certainly understand your wanting to return to Italy! Do I understand that you want to stay in one place in Italy for 90 days and take small excursions from there? The Puglia region is wonderful without too many crowds, although it is becoming more popular. I think I might consider staying in Lecce rather than Bari. Email me at with specific questions and I can be more helpful.


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